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the pathway to YOUR higher self realization

Imagine having total clarity and focus of who you are and why you're here, the awareness of your true higher self ... your personal brand or best self identity.

Now more than ever leaders must have this kind of internal certainty. Those that do will be best equipped to overcome the extraordinary challenges that face us and realize their career and life in profoundly meaningful and prosperous ways. 

Imagine having total clarity and focus of who you are and why you're here, the awareness of your true higher self ... your personal brand or best self identity.

Those that do, and that's less than 1 in 10, are the rare few that joyfully realize their career and life in profoundly meaningful and prosperous ways. They're also the leaders of breakthrough brands that dominate markets. You can too!

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getting into success flow

Research has revealed that 90% of people are dissatisfied in their career and life. Accordingly they’re either looking for a career change, are trying to achieve more in their current role, or are seeking the freedom to work and live as they choose.

And it’s not as though many people are not trying to overcome this. In the US alone people spend $46B pa on education, coaching, personality and psychological profiling and an array of personal development programs ... yet things are getting worse. 

Prior to the pandemic stress, anxiety and depression, stemming from workplace frustration and unhappiness rose from 58% to 86%. Imagine what it is now?

There's one proven way to rise above this and flourish, and that's through the elevation of self awareness. To first discover your true vision, purpose and unique higher self identity ... your real 'why & who'. That's when you'll be equipped to rise up and be free.

That’s where The Best Self Identity MethodTM comes in. It's an unrivalled 'para-disciplinary' program that empowers people to expand their consciousness making them the 'new breed' who will create the generational legacy of a vastly better world.

The Best Self Identity Method ... a proven pathway to meaning, fulfilment, joy and prosperity in your career, and life.

Working to identify your best self using The Best Self Identity Method way is a brilliant blend of science and emotion that has provided amazing clarity to my purpose and how I can fulfil this each and every day.

Derick Borean, CEO, Altius Group

meaningful change only comes from within

Seeking change in your career and life from external sources is futile.

The meaningful and fulfilling change you are seeking must come from within you. From the alignment of your true higher conscious intentions with the immense power of your subconscious mind.

It is only with clarity and integration of your vision, purpose, values and your true higher identity that you be equipped to not only serve yourself in extraordinary ways, but to guide and care for others so they too can go on the same enlightening journey.

This is where personal and collective freedom to enthusiastically express your true reason for being stems from. Something required now more than ever before.

Mark Twain once said, "The two most important days of your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why."

Unfortunately over 90% of all people never experience that second most important day and accordingly live purposeless lives filled with uncertainty, insecurity and fear.

Rising out of this quagmire of chaos and confusion is what the Best Self Identity Method will empower you to do. To see clearly, to get focus, and to create natural career and life strategies and tactics that enhance your life, and the lives of all the people you connect with, and care about.

I am a raving fan of Glen Campbell. His BSI Method has empowered me to create my personal brand pulse, which is 'unleashing unlimited potential' in my personal life, as well as my business life."

Pauline Nguyen, Author, International Speaker, Business Woman of the Year

the program for profound Transformation

There is no other integrated online program available for you to discover your true north, or North Star, your true higher self, and reason for being. Only then you'll be empowered to not only choose the 'right' career and life path, but to flourish in it. By doing this work YOU WILL rise up and be and do what really matters in effortless success flow.

HOW the leader's identity ENHANCEs PERFORMANCE

People who are crystal clear about who they are and why they are here as their true higher self, are vastly more influential, fulfilled and successful. They are significantly better, and more effective leaders and accordingly lead brands that dominate categories.

And that’s because they’re visionary in nature, lead visionary lives … and of course create visionary companies.

It’s these visionary leaders, proven by Collins and Porras in their renowned book 'Good to Great', that have outperformed all others by a factor of 15 on the stock exchange since 1926.

Yet this is rarely the case. The vast majority of leaders are still stuck in the short-sighted ‘old world’ command and control leadership style that is obsessed with revenue and profit at any cost. Something our current world context proves is a pathway to devastation.

That’s why discovering your true higher self, your best self identity or personal truth is absolutely 'essential' to being a vastly better leader in business, and in life. My online/coaching programs will best help you to achieve that.

It was working through Glen's programs and insights that elevated me to new heights of self-awareness, leadership ability and an unwavering belief in fulfilling my own personal vision."

Dr Nic Lucas, Neuroscientist. Founder, X10 Entrepreneur

A Leading Authority in HIGHER identity discovery

Starting out with degrees in Commerce and Psychology Glen has over 25 years front line experience as a Director,  Chief Executive and strategist in some of the world's best and brightest brand strategy, business planning and communications companies. Glen's full story ...

In that time Glen mastered taking struggling organisations to market leadership through the development of distinctive and completing organizational brand identities and communications campaigns.

Yet Glen realized unless he first worked with the leader, and leadership team to get personal clarity and focus, their authentic identities, and then aligned that with their organizational identity, the results were way less than optimal.

And that’s why 12 years ago Glen shifted his entire focus to leadership development through the discovery of their authentic personal brand identity, and then how to integrate that into the conscious and subconscious minds creating 'single mindedness' and new and better behaviors around who they are as their true higher self.

Since then, thousands of people have undertaken Glen’s Best Self Identity Method, Performance Optimization and Rainmaker Secrets programs and the results have been nothing less than transformational. You can too!

Discovering your true and unique 'best self' enables you be awake and aware to all the opportunities that are before you. And to vibrate at a level that will attract whatever you want with greater ease."

Stella Petrou Concha, CEO, REO Group

from elevating brands to elevating leaders

The unique foundation of creating hundreds of world leading organisational brands has provided Glen with an extraordinary perspective and approach to personal and organizational brand identity, and leadership. And more specifically to empowering anybody aspiring to lead their business and life in a way that is more meaningful, fulfilling, joyful and prosperous.

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