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Even at a very early age I was fascinated with people who led others, and I aspired to be like them. I quietly observed, studied and copied. I wanted to be that kind of person, but didn't know how.  But of course I've learn't a great deal since then about how to be the 'new breed' of leader, an 'Alchemist' of business and life. And that all started by 'going within' and discovering my true higher self, or best self identity.

Even at a very early age I was fascinated with people who led others, and I aspired to be like them. I quietly observed, studied and copied.

I wanted to be that kind of person, but didn't know how.  But now, of course I've learn't a great deal since then, about how to be the 'new breed' of leader, an 'Alchemist' of business and life. And that all started by 'going within' and discovering my true higher self, or best self identity.

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In my 6 years at a private military boys boarding school we were taught to be leaders in every aspect of our daily life.

Whether it be in the classroom, on the sporting field or in the army cadets we learn't how to remain calm and resourceful, and confidently make decisions and execute plans in a way that was effortless and fluid.

And that achieved the best outcomes for all involved.

I learned much later that this compelling approach was the essence of magnetic attraction ... charisma!

That's one of the key reasons I'm drawn to the masters of branding and leadership, extraordinary people like Seth Godin, who I had the pleasure of spending time with.

It's these elements that I've discovered already exist as my true higher self ... my higher vision, purpose and unique identity.

I started to explore my leadership skills and true reason for being in year 7 at school, and have been working away at it quietly ever since.

I took every opportunity to get into leadership positions and was a leader in the army cadets, a captain of many sporting teams, and voted by my peers to be a school prefect in my final year. My natural approach in those years was finding ways to co-create and collaborate with others ...

... to unify people and turn complexity into simplicity all while empowering trust, respect and cooperation. Outstanding results were a natural by-product.


In my University years I did degrees in commerce and psychology. Two disciplines which set a platform for profound exploration into my higher potentiality through deeper self discovery. I learned self reflection and contemplation and how to objectively review, question, challenge and solve problems using research, critical thinking and the scientific method.

In those years I also played Rugby Union, most of which was in premiership winning teams which led to the honour of representing my city of Brisbane, and my home state of Queensland.

I also discovered that while I enjoyed the success, I loved the journey a great deal more and treasured the close connections I formed with teammates in striving to meaningfully progress.


Soon after my rugby career finished I was introduced to Martial Arts and became a Third Dan Black Belt after 17 years of training with Zen Do Kai Karate. After 6 years of training 2 hours a day, 6 days a week, I won the title of Grand Ni Dan (Second Dan) Champion in what is known as the ‘warriors grading’. That's 30X2 minute rounds of full contact sparing against a fresh back belt each round.

Everything I experienced after that became significantly easier. I saw more, felt more and had developed an acute sense of self and social awareness ... an enhanced intuition and expanded consciousness and connection.

For several years after that I ran my own DoJo as a Sensei and trained hundreds of students to become martial artists, teaching them to embrace honour, courage, benevolence and humility all while fine tuning their body to do amazing things.

I also learned in my martial arts career that conscious thinking was too slow. I started to master letting go of the conscious mind and enabled what's called ‘mind no mind’ ... allowing my skills and experience to become intuitively driven through the knowingness and immense speed of my subconscious mind. A mind that operates billions of times faster than the conscious mind.

As a result, I was a great deal faster and more effective than most of my opponents and would find unexpected ways to triumph in every challenge.  This approach has continued to serve me well in every aspect of my business and life.


In my marriage with my beautiful life partner Victoria I found the smoothest and most expansive path was by being heart led. To passionately give and receive love unconditionally.

By being love and light, and encouraging and supporting each other in a way that would awaken us both to higher self realisation harmony.

GETTING inTO BUSINESS success flow

In my business life of over 30 years I've worked across four continents and in many of the leading brand strategy and communications companies like Leo Burnett, Saatchi & Saatchi and Clemenger BBDO.

This is when I really began to develop my unique approach to the co-creation of heart led conscious flow ... success flow!

Here I developed my ability to consciously envision the outcome I passionately intended, believed it to be real and true in the present, and then vibrated at high levels of energy around it ...

... this 'way' delivered vastly greater impact and better results more rapidly with way less effort and greater predictability. Every time!


Over the last 12 years I've expanded my consciousness immensely around the core focus of 'being the light that awakens people to higher self realization'. Higher self realization ... to me that's all about empowering people to discover their personal truth, and the real truth (not the false programming) of what is happening all around them.

I've worked with, and continue to work with many extraordinary mentors (including many Shaman) and never stop in my study into what the 'new breed' of leader requires to create a new era in harmonious humanity. And that includes but is not limited to Quantum Physics, Neuroscience, eastern and western philosophy, leadership and spirituality.

And these modalities seamlessly fused have contributed to the 'breakthrough method' I've developed that empowers people to discover and live true to their authentic higher self ... to be passionate leaders that be and do the remarkable in every aspect of their life.

To live and lead in the optimal performance state of heart led conscious flow, success flow.

As my true higher self I can direct every thought, every feeling (my higher vibrational energy) and every belief to ensure I am coherent in my conscious and subconscious minds ... every moment of everyday.

In this flow state I am joyfully realizing my true reason for being and am happily sharing how others can do that too.

And in doing so these people will live with greater meaning, fulfilment, joy and prosperity. That's why undertaking this work is not only necessary, it's essential ... it must be done before doing any other training or development work.

When that most important work is embarked on a natural outcome is that people will contribute to this beautiful planet of ours being in a significantly better place. And isn't that what it's really all about?